SUI GENERIS is a law firm founded by Mr. Devendra B. Singh in 2002, which has come to be known as one of the dynamic firms among the other law firms in the Western Suburbs. The firm has a wide litigation and corporate law practice with clients from all major parts of the Western as well as Central Suburbs in Mumbai. We have a team of dynamic lawyers with experiences in different sectors of law.

SUI GENERIS is a new age law firm with advisory and dispute resolution practices in multiple practice areas. At SUI GENERIS, through our practice goals, we have been able to create and preserve value in providing legal services. Towards this we recognise that businesses and individuals require substantive and procedural advisory work to commence their operations and subsequent enforcement to safeguard these rights. SUI GENERIS aims to provide these services promptly with particular emphasis on quality. We have a specialised focus towards commercial and business laws and regularly represent various Business and Commercial corporations.

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Our Practice Areas

General Corporate Advisory

Our legal services to prominent corporations have given us experience in large transactions with larger dimensions. Our commercial law practice

Commercial & Corporate Litigation

SUI GENERIS provides comprehensive representation in all aspects of commercial and civil litigation. The firm strongly believes in identifying with

Property & Contract Dispute

SUI GENERIS has an extensive experience in dealing with the Conveyances, issues pertaining to all sorts of conveyances and drafting

Economic Offence

We at SUI GENERIS have extensive expertise in Economic Offences like Negotiable Instruments Act (Cheque Bouncing matters) and also offences

Industrial & Labour Laws

The Indian Industry covers a wide diaspora of man-force intensive industries and in a country driven by disparity, number of

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